By placing the images outside of a traditional gallery setting, I use the built environment as part of my art practice in dealing with social relationships. I exhibit the work Rite of Ordinary: Interior Indiana in ways that challenge the meaning of who lays claim to the home-sphere, love, family, and relationships. Projecting the images onto building exteriors like community murals, the images act not as hostile provocations but as a means for people to come together and talk about important social issues within their communities. Installing the body of work in a home for sale, prospective home-buyers stumble unsuspectingly upon these portraits in their natural setting of where one might expect to find them. The idea of future exhibition yard sign prototypes is being developed for installation throughout city neighborhoods.

The subject matter of same-gendered couples occupying these spaces where their presence in the past has been hidden becomes compelling. Where these images were taken and how they are being shown counters the social alienation many of these couples have experienced within their own community.