Inside wooden boxes mounted on the walls outside of every common room of every convent of the Sisters of the Holy Cross were small round paper discs bearing the obituary number of a deceased member of the congregation. Sisters would draw one of the discs out of the box before entering the chapel and would pray a silent prayer for the sister whose number they drew. The paper discs that serve as wax protectors on the vigil candles you see below bore the ranking number of every living, ministering Holy Cross sister today. Those coming to see the exhibition were invited to take a vigil candle, light it there in the gallery or at home, leave it somewhere as an offering, use it to offer a kind thought, prayer, or some other form of communion ritual.

Vigil Candle Take-Aways, 2015. Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
Viewers at Exhibition With Lit Vigil Candle, 2015. Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago IL
Installation View, 2015. Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

Relic box. Heritage Room, Motherhouse of the Congregation of the Holy Cross Sisters, Bertrand Hall, Notre Dame Indiana.